Minimum investment amount — 1000,0 EUR

Managers's fee 50,0%

Manager's PAMM accounts

[ Yield ]
Strategi Jadwal yield Total Per bulan Jumlah pelanggan Drawdown maksimal Dana Umur, hari Biaya Leverage maksimal
192,96% 26,51% 3 -1,33% 2719,85 EUR 232 50,0% 1:100 Investasikan
RockSolidNo10 in USD

Rock Solid strategy is one of the most solid trading strategies based on hedging strategy. Steady monthly income is a minimum of 4% of your amount on your account. The minimum deposit is 2000 US$. Same as RockSolidNo10 strategy which is a proven strategy on this site in the last period from March 2021. the only difference is the currency of the account! RockSolidNo10 strategy is ranked in TOP 10 strategies in total percentage of income and also in TOP 10 by monthly income (with DRAWBACK less than 2%). Invest in this strategy and your only concern is to decide how to spend your income!

9,96% 9,96% 1 -13,50% 860,78 USD 9 50,0% 1:100 Investasikan
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