Unique offer for trading options on US stocks and ETFs

Get acquainted with advantages of stock options on the most liquid market of the world – in USA – and enjoy our unique conditions!

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Advantages of trading stock options on US market

  • Options on more than 4000 US stocks and ETFs
  • Access to CBOE, ISE, PHLX, PSE and other exchanges
  • Rebates available
  • Affordable commissions and low minimum requirement

Our unique offer for experienced traders

  • Sell naked options (Call/Put) with a minimum deposit $3000
  • Use spread trading and complex option strategies (butterfly, iron condor) starting $3000
  • Enjoy low margin requirement for covered options

Stock options advantages to stocks and futures

  • Lower margin requirement for better return on investments
  • Limitation of risk exposure compared to futures

Getting status of active trader, you will save money on every transaction!

Minimum amount required to open an account — $3 000

Fees for transactions with options on US markets Per contract Minimum per trade
Stock options, index options (base rate): $2.15 per contract no
Stock options, index options (over 500 contracts per month): $1,50 per contract no
Stock options, index options (over 2500 contracts per month): $1,00 per contract no
Stock options, index options (over 5000 contracts per month): upon request no

Note! Stock trading in the US is subject to surcharge of SEC fee, and exchange or ECN fee. Option trading is subject to exchange fee or payment of compensation. Additional fee for voice orders is $8 per executed order. Transfer to groups with preferential ratesexcludes reimbursement of previously paid fees and is carried out at the request of the client. Fees are charged in the currency of country, where exchange is situated (the US  — USD, Europe  — в  EUR). Third party margin loan: 9% + US Federal Funds Rate. More about rates

We reduce commission – to as low as $0.4 per contract - for higher trading volumes.

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