How to Get Access to Global Stock Markets

There are many stock markets in the world. Read our material to learn why and how to get access to them.

Why Do You Need to Enter the Global Stock Market?

The answer to this question is logical and quite simple: to make profit from trading assets. World markets and, in particular, US exchanges, offer a trader several significant advantages at once:

·  Wide range of investment instruments;

·  Stable growth of foreign stock markets;

·  Experienced traders can also assess how predictable the US market is, as it actively and very logically reacts to world news and public statements of large companies, which allows investors to effectively trade on the news.

These are the most important advantages of access to world exchanges for a trader.

Major Global Stock Markets

For experienced traders, the phrase “world markets” always means the largest “market players” that are of maximum interest to the investor. First of all, they include:

·  NYSE (The New York Stock Exchange) – the largest and one of the oldest world stock exchanges. Its turnover accounts for approximately half of world trade.

·  NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) – The world's first exchange platform for fully electronic asset trading. It exists since the 1970s.

·  JPX (Japan Exchange Group) – Japanese corporation, consisting of two of the country's largest exchanges - Tokyo and Osaka. In total, more than 3,500 companies, including the largest Japanese corporations, are represented at it.

·  LSE (London Stock Exchange) – London stock exchange.

·  Euronext – the union of European exchanges, including 15 separate platforms of different countries. In contrast to LSE, it specializes in futures and options and works in conjunction with the NYSE.

In addition to them, other stock exchanges are also of great interest to investors, for example: Deutsche Börse Xetra, CME Group, NYMEX, ICE (Intercontinental Exchange).

How to Get Access?

The main problem is that individuals do not have access to world exchanges, and the only way in this situation is to use the services of intermediaries. There are three options here, and each of them has its pros and cons.

If you contact a large international broker, such as Just2Trade, almost all procedures, including support, consultations and software, will be in English.

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