Five Facts About TRANSAQ Connector

  • 1 TRANSAQ Connector is designed to create Mechanical Trading Systems (MTS), robots and terminals.
  • 2 TRANSAQ Connector is an Application Platform Interface TRANSAQ (API), which allows you to connect your own applications to the TRANSAQ trading server.
  • 3 TRANSAQ Connector represents a file of the library TXmlConnector.dll, which implements the functions of information exchange with the Transaq server.
  • 4 TRANSAQ Connector allows you to connect your system directly to the Transaq server, which enables you to quickly receive market information and account information.
  • 5 TRANSAQ Connector is used in software solutions for trade automation, data analysis and quick entry of orders.

Terms of Service

TRANSAQ Connector is provided free of charge to the clients of the company. To connect the service, you need to apply in the section "Free-form orders" in the Private Office.

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Documents and Distributions

Parameters of Trading Servers

Trade server: port: 3900
Demo server: port: 13900

Using Transaq Connector, you can get access to the QScalp trade drive — a tool for the analysis and high-speed execution of transactions in short-term and high-frequency trading.

The tool shows the current market situation and allows you to perform complex trading operations in one click. Mechanism of QScalp operations enables trading in semi-automatic mode and allows you to apply any trading scheme you like.

The drive displays a sparse order book reflecting order volume, history of price changes and stream of transactions.

The tool also provides a trade journal to analyse all your deals.