We pay money for new clients. We are generous!

Cooperation with Just2Trade Online Ltd in attracting customers opens new revenue opportunities. You will receive a high reward using resources and experience of Just2Trade Online Ltd.

Become a partner

How does it work?


Become a Partner

When you enter into agreement with Just2Trade Online, you are granted access to information materials, advice and trainings from our managers


Attract a client

Client is deemed attracted, if he/she has entered into agreement with Just2Trade Online and funded his/her account


Receive compensation

We provide client support. Agent compensation is paid for further actions of the client


1. What should I do to become an introducing broker?

It is necessary to read terms of cooperation and confirm your agreement by clicking on «Become a partner».

2. What types of accounts are covered by IB program?

The program covers ROX®, MetaTrader4, MMA and other platforms.

3. How often could I receive my compensation?

Compensation is paid every month, not later than 15 working days following the end of the month.

4. How the compensation is calculated ?

For transactions made in ROX® platform, an introducing broker earns up to 35% of net profit of Just2Trade Online Ltd.

5. How could I receive my compensation?

Compensation is paid every month, not later than 15 working days following the end of the month.


Just2Trade Online — is a global broker providing a wide range of services

Regular bonus campaigns for clients

Opportunity to follow profitable startegies of the professionals

Private Office with round-the-clock access to a partner account

Become a partner

Access to US exchanges provides additional earning opportunities for an experienced trader and makes income more stable. However, not everyone can experience it. You need a reliable, experienced European or US broker, such as Just2Trade.

Your Opportunities

The Russian market has two disadvantages, which are crucial for professional traders:

At the same time, access to the US stock market provides a significantly greater variety of securities, including stocks and bonds of global leaders in various industries, and young, potentially profitable brands. In addition, all transactions are made in foreign currency, depend little on the exchange rate, and are more stable even during market turmoils.

How to Get Access to US Exchanges?

Just2Trade is an experienced European (certified by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) broker providing access to the ROX Premium trading platform.

ROX Advantages:

The full version of the platform is available only in Just2Trade. You can open a brokerage account to start trading on US exchanges online by filling out a simple form.

Every customer also receives access to a range of free services, including an unlimited number of demo accounts to test trading strategies and professional Russian-speaking customer support.