Paragon Group of Companies Plc (PAG)

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Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 16:30


The Paragon Group of Companies PLC is engaged in specialist financial services business. The Company operates as an independent buy-to-let lender, and as a debt purchaser through its Idem Capital division, where it purchases, co-manages and services secured and unsecured consumer loan portfolios. The Company's operating divisions include Paragon Mortgages, Idem Capital and Paragon Bank. The Paragon Mortgages division includes revenue, in the form of interest and ancillary income, from the Company's first mortgage operations, and from other assets remaining in legacy portfolios. The Idem Capital division includes revenue generated from assets purchased by its debt investment business, Idem Capital Holdings Limited and third-party loan administration activity. The Paragon Bank division includes revenue generated from its regulated banking business, Paragon Bank PLC. Its loan assets include first mortgage assets, second mortgages, car finance loans and other unsecured consumer lending.