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Should you buy Ford Motor shares?

Ford Motor Company is a major automobile manufacturer. Currently, in terms of output, the company is ranked:

At the end of 2021, Ford is ranked 21st in the Fortune 500, the list of the largest US companies.

The figures indicate that Ford is a stable company which assets can be considered as a subject of trade or investment. In addition, the Ford share price, unlike other global giants such as Apple, Alphabet (Google) or Amazon, is relatively low, so they are available to a wider range of traders and investors.

How to buy Ford shares?

The shares of the US automaker are traded on the largest US stock exchange NYSE (ticker F). You can buy them through the Just2Trade broker. We provide access to the 20 largest exchange markets (US, Europe, Asia) and offer a complete set of tools for convenient and efficient work - from trading signals to trust management.

Investing in Ford is easy with us: