Warunki finansowe


The first and most popular cryptocurrency, which served as the starting point for the creation of the cryptocurrency market. Based on blockchain technology. It is highly valued for its anonymity and l


The technology behind Bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies derived from it. It is a continuous chain of data blocks containing information about all committed transactions, which is compiled


Securities that allow the borrower to raise certain capital by attracting external investors with the condition of periodic interest payments before maturity. After that, the initial value of the bond

Cash flow

This is the balance of funds received and payments made for a specified period. Positive Cash Flow indicates the growing liquidity of the company, while negative, on the contrary, indicates a decrease


In the case of commodity markets, these include energy (oil, gas, gasoline), metals (gold, silver, copper, etc.) or agricultural products (corn, wheat, lumber).

Company balance

It is a reflection of the financial condition of the company at a particular moment. It includes assets, liabilities and net worth, including share capital. It is the most important financial statemen

Company gross profit

This is profit as a percentage of total revenue. Calculated as follows: cost of goods sold is deducted from total revenues to arrive at net revenues. The net revenue is then divided by the total and e


A relatively new type of electronic money based on encryption technologies. At the moment, due to the rapid growth in value and the lack of state control, it is also considered as an asset for investm


These are derivative assets derived from the value of the underlying asset. Also often referred to as contracts, as they describe the responsibilities of both parties in the transfer of an underlying

Dividend Yield

This is the ratio of the annual dividend to the value of the share. In this way, the profitability shows the expected cash flow from the purchase of shares by the investor. It allows you to evaluate t