Trading platform CQG

CQG — provides direct access to more than 40  exchanges all over the world and a wide range of instruments traded on these exchanges — futures, options and their combinations. CQG has been in operation for over 35 years.

CQG Desktop


CQG QTrader

75 /month

CQG Integrated Client

from 595 /month

CQG Trader

from 25 /month

Just2Trade offers a simple and transparent tariff for futures and options trading:
USD 1.50 per contract per side (buy or sell) for all contracts regardless of contract currency. Exchange, clearing, regulator's and other fees are paid separately and  «one to one» with stock exchange rates in contract currency. Market data value is paid separately.

Advantages of CQG

  • Official partner of major derivative exchanges, providing direct connection to them;
  • Renders services in more than 60 countries and is represented in 10 cities in the United States, Europe and Asia;
  • Is used as an official trading platform by many big brokerage companies;
  • Maintains its own infrastructure;
  • Provides various trading paltfroms and services ranging from the simplest to professional ones;
  • Provides  high-end system of portfolio risk assessment in real time mode;
  • Provides clear and high-quality market data;
  • Provides on of the best graphical interfaces (including a flexible order entry interfaces), a unique set of charts (including charts for derivatives and their analysis, as well as properly constructed continuation charts);
  • Calculates account balance and assess positions in real time mode;
  • Supports different types of connections (FIX, API, Excel.) and integration with trader's platforms;

Wide options enabling to

CQG — provides high-end
terminals both for investors
and  for speculative traders

Among CQG trading platforms:

CQG Integrated Client

Top notch platform for professionals. It combines all said advantages.

CQG Spreader

Customization of CQG Integrated Client, whick allows user implement arbitrage strategies economically at rather high (but not ultrahigh) speed.

CQG QTrader

Light version of CQG Integrated Client. It combines all basic elements of CQG Integrated Client.

CQG Trader

Simple and user-friendly interface without package of analysis and charts.

CQG Desktop

Mobile application designed for all key devices, OS and  browsers. Despite the word Mobile, this HTML5 application is also available for desktops. Free of charge from Just2Trade

Software of third-party

Why should you open a CQG account?

Trading with CQG offers truly ample trading opportunities:

  1. the platform provides access to dozens of world exchanges, including the US markets;
  2. it provides direct connection to exchanges for instant trading operations;
  3. offers an impressive list of exchange instruments;
  4. gives you access to detailed statistics with constantly updated data so that you can use them to build your own trading strategy;
  5. you can download the CQG terminal and install it on almost any device from PC to smartphone;
  6. both novice investors and professional traders can effectively use the platform;
  7. the reliability of trading in CQG has been proven - the company has been successfully operating for over 35 years, officially offers its services in more than 60 countries and is included in the top platforms of the world's largest brokers.

Additional advantages of working with Just2Trade

Just2Trade is an experienced broker, which offers you additional benefits:

Everything you need for your success

An experienced European broker, CQG and a wide range of trading terminals that can be installed on all operating systems are the key to successful trading. To independently evaluate all the advantages and possibilities of the platform, you can open a CQG account with Just2Trade.