Global Futures

Just2Trade offers a simple and transparent tariff for futures
and options trading: USD 1.50 per contract per side

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Solutions for traders

We offer our clients several options to choose from:

MT5 Global

Simultaneous access from  a single trading account to  all key exchanges and OTC markets.

Platform MetaTrader 5

  • More than 9,000 instruments from NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, JPX, MOEX, CME, NYMEX, ICE, FX.


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    Multifunctional platform CQG

    Direct access to international exhanges CME, CBOT, NYMEX, ICE, EUREX and others.

    The possibility to operate one of four highly professional trading terminals — CQG Mobile, CQG Trader, CQG QTrader or CQG Integrated Client, and also Web-Trader web-based terminal.

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    Exchange-traded derivative instruments (derivatives) — are an intersting and unique class of instruments. This opens up opportunities that are unavailable when it comes to trading in other types of instruments. Learning how to trade futures and options both as an independent  asset, or as an addition to the existing portfolio of strategies, may improve total returns from trading.

    Software of third-party

    Advantages of exchange derivatives

    Minimum counterparty risk

    One of the best protection of client accounts in the financial industry

    Efficient capital utilization

    Minimum commission and fees

    Quick settlement (T+0, T+1)and payment of the financial result on open positions on a daily basis

    Seamless opening of short positions

    CQG — instrument
    for professional trading

    Reliability and Fast Speed of Order Execution. More than 35 years in the market

    Direct access to international exchanges CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, EUREX, ICE US, ICE EU, SGX, HKFE, Bursa Malaysia, JPX, TOCOM

    Client terminals to choose from: CQG Trader, CQG QTrader or CQG Integrated Client, as well as Web-Trader web terminal and CQG Mobile application.

    Minimum amount required to open an account is — 1,000 USD. Optimal amount for a diversified portfolio is — 25,000 USD

    Just2Trade offers to its clients CQG Mobile free of charge

    Clear and high-end market data

    Various types of connections: FIX, API, Excel and integration with your trading platforms

    Key Features

    Just2Trade offers a simple and transparent tariff for futures and options trading: USD 1.50 per contract per side (buy or sell) for all contracts regardless of the contract currency.

    Exchange, clearing, regulatory and other fees will be paid separately and billed equally with the levels seen on exchanges in the currency of a contract. The cost of market data will be paid separately.

    More about the platform

    A trader can trade only futures or combine them with other instruments, which provides additional opportunities. Skilled traders rarely invest in one type of securities, and futures can perfectly compensate for losses when trading stocks or, on the contrary, multiply the profit.


    A futures contract is a formal agreement of a particular asset purchase on a specific date (expiration date) at a fixed price. It is a type of so-called derivative financial instruments (derivatives), i.e. contracts with fixed conditions for the sale of underlying assets.

    Derivatives trading is carried out at individual prices, this means that a buyer does not need to pay the full value of the underlying assets at the time of purchase, since it is enough to pay for required margin, 12-13% security deposit for further purchase.

    Advantages of Global Futures

    Derivatives are bought and sold on specialized exchanges. Similar to stocks, global futures (and, in particular, US futures) offer potentially higher returns. Therefore, if you plan to actively trade, it is better to choose a broker from the very beginning, who will later provide access to world markets, as Just2Trade can do.

    Our clients get access to a professional trading tool of a leading US stock information provider CQG, which provides direct contact with the top international derivatives exchanges: CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, EUREX and others, where you can buy and sell the most popular and potentially profitable European and US futures.

    Furthermore, the CQG platform provides several sophisticated trading terminals, including standard software solutions for Windows and MacOS PCs, a versatile web terminal, and the full-featured CQG Mobile system, which is available to all Just2Trade customers absolutely free of charge.

    How to Get Access

    Open a brokerage account right now and start enjoying all the benefits of working with an experienced broker and a powerful, reliable (over 35 years on the market) CQG platform CQG. Fill out the form and apply for account opening.