For Professional individual traders* and Prop trading groups

*with the minimum monthly volume of 250 000 shares

All the US equity and option exchanges including OTC BB and Pink Sheets

More than 50 execution routes and venues including DMA, Dark liquidity providers, Market Makers, Floor brokers and Smart routes

The most widely used professional trading platforms in the industry – Sterling Trader® Pro and Lightspeed Trader

Extensive Easy to Borrow list

Multiple sources to locate Hard to Borrow Stocks directly from the platform

Up to x20 Day Trading Buying power*

Pre- and Post-market trading sessions support

Online user support in Skype

Sterling Trader® Manager for the pre-trade risk management and real-time risk control of your trading group.

* Available for Professional Clients under MiFID categorization.

The lowest rate achieved during the
month applies to all traded volume

Monthly volume, shares Price, per share
0 – 250 000 $0.0025
250 001 – 1 000 000 $0.002
1 000 001 – 10 000 000 $0.0015
10 000 001 - 25 000 000 $0.001
25 000 001 and more Contact us for the best offer

For any questions please send us request to

Minimum deposit amount is $5000. More about rates

Supported Trading platforms
of your choice

Sterling Trader® Pro

Widely used by proprietary trading firms and active traders all over the world, Sterling Trader® Pro gives traders the performance and functionality they need to compete in today’s markets.

  • Advanced charting with over 60 configurable studies
  • Highly customizable level II order entry system
  • Tabbed charts and time based filters
  • Market data watch lists
  • Exchanges alerts and imbalances
  • Sophisticated real-time scanning tools
  • Fully configurable hot keys
  • Server-side and native stop orders
  • Custom price alerts
  • Basket trading
  • DDE, RTD and ActiveX API functionality

Lightspeed Trader

Delivers a robust trading system to professional traders that demand highly established market data with ultra-low latency and performance.

  • Advanced multi-threaded, multi-core processing for hyper-speed
  • Streaming Level I Quotes
  • Optimized Level II quote messaging
  • Low latency execution
  • Advanced scanners and filters
  • Integrated charting with studies
  • Optimized API for performance and very powerful throughput rate
  • Completely customizable