Trading on the stock exchange through a broker inevitably implies payment of additional services and charges, and the list of this services is not constant and depends on several factors:

·  broker fee,

·  stock exchange fee,

·  choice of trading platform,

·  account type,

·  type of asset traded,

Please note: all the data indicated is valid for the Just2Trade broker and is relevant at the time when the material was prepared.

TOTAL charges

The minimum commission for amateur trading

For example, let’s take stock trading on a leading US stock exchange NYSE using the MT5 Global account and the MT5 trading platform.

·  NYSE brokerage fee is USD 0.006 per share, with a minimum fee of USD 1.5.

·  When using borrowed funds (leverage), an additional fee of 0.025% per day is charged.

·  When trading on the NYSE, additional exchange and clearing fees are also charged: NSCC – USD 0.00034 per share (there is a minimum fee of USD 0.25 per order), SECFEE - 0.00001155 * position value (minimum USD 0.01). In some cases (at the request of regulators) it may be necessary to pay commissions: USD 5 for Blue Sheets and USD 10 for Fed Reference Request.

Given all of the above fees, the MT5 Global account can be called one of the most profitable types of accounts for trading.

Rates and platform for professionals

For professional trading and active traders, Just2trade offers a separate trading platform ROX Premium. Its rates and additional fees for trading US stocks are very different:

·  The cost of the platform is USD 39 for individuals or USD 59 for professional market participants.

·  Brokerage fee is up to USD 0.012 per share (minimum amount - 2.75), while with an increase in trading volumes, it decreases down to USD 0.0025.

·  Leverage – 0.75% per month.

·  Extra fee for voice orders – USD 8.

·  One-time fees at the request of regulators are similar to those indicated in the previous example – USD 5 and 10.

·  Overnight fee for a short position depends on a specific stock and varies from 0% to 9.6% per year (minimum amount is USD 5 per position).

·  Long positions with overnight leverage are a margin loan from third parties and are paid at a rate of 9% per annum + US Federal Funds Rate.

·  Deposit – USD 20 + commission of the bank.

·  Withdrawal – USD 20 + 0.0125% in other banks.

·  When trading US stocks, a special regulator’s fee (SEC FEE), as well as exchange or ECN fees, will be charged.

Thus, this type of account is suitable for professional traders in the US market.

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