The importance of evaluating funding methods

To trade on the exchange, you should open and fund a trading account. The convenience of these actions depends on a broker and the exchange as a whole.

The most important aspect is the available funding methods. The more methods are provided, the easier it is to find a suitable way to fund a Forex account or another type of brokerage account.

The second important moment is the fee for funding a trading account. Since the amount of transfers can be great, even 1-3% commission will be quite significant. It depends exclusively on the conditions established by the payment system.

Thus, when choosing a broker for operations on any exchange, whether it is Forex or the largest American NYSE and NASDAQ, you should definitely pay attention to the available ways to fund your trading account.

Just2Trade - great opportunities for you

For your convenience, we offer more than 20 ways to fund your broker account to work with Forex and other available exchanges.

They include:

Most of them work not only with the Russian ruble, but also with currencies and offer instant deposit with a low commission.

You can find out more about each method, the possibilities and commissions when using it, as well as deposit funds in the chosen way, in the table above.