Just2Trade offers simple and  convenient rates and instruments for stock trading
on all key exchange and OTC markets

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Solutions for traders

We provide our clients with several options for the stock market:

MT5 Global

Simultaneous access from  a single trading account to  all key exchanges and OTC markets.

Platform MetaTrader 5

More than 9,000 instruments from NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, JPX, MOEX, CME, NYMEX, ICE, FX.


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The ultimate way to successfully compete on the US stock markets for Professional Traders and Prop Trading groups.

Supported with sterling Trader Pro and Lightspeed trader platforms.

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Access to all securities on the US stock and option exchanges; direct access to NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), NASDAQ, CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) and other, as well as access to major stock exchanges of Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Stock exchanges available
in the Multi Market Account (MMA)®


Our advantages

Trading platform MetaTrader 5
for desktop and mobile devices

Low fees and commissions

Automated trading available via the ChainTrading service

API to connect your own trading systems

Full liquidity of the US stock exchanges

For large clients who do not want to overpay when buying shares, as well as for active traders who want to implement their strategies. Please ask our English speaking support and use our free services!

7,000 securities

Direct access to all securities on the US stock and option exchanges: NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), NASDAQ, CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) and other.

A stock exchange is a place where you can invest in securities to make profit on their growth, as well as to receive dividends. To make the trading process safer and more efficient, you need the support of an experienced European broker such as Just2Trade.

Just2Trade clients have an additional advantage: access to global markets where you can buy stocks of major global companies.

Our Opportunities for Earning

Each Just2Trade client is free to choose from the following account types:

Apply online to open any of these accounts, and in a few minutes you will get access to securities of global markets and the professional support of an experienced broker.