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McDonald's Corporation (McDonald's) operates and franchises McDonald's restaurants. The Company's restaurants serve a locally relevant menu of food and drinks sold at various price points in over 100 countries. The Company's segments include U.S., International Lead Markets, High Growth Markets, and Foundational Markets and Corporate. The U.S. segment focuses on offering a platform for authentic ingredients that allows customers to customize their sandwiches. Its High Growth Markets segment includes its operations in markets, such as China, Italy, Korea, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and related markets. The International Lead markets segment includes the Company's operations in various markets, such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and related markets. The Foundational markets and Corporate segment is engaged in operating restaurants and increasing convenience to customers, including through drive-thru and delivery.

McDonald's is a world famous chain of fast food restaurants. The corporation was founded in May 1940 by two brothers who opened a small restaurant in California. Fifteen years later, the company began franchising and opened the first third-party restaurant in Illinois. By 1959, there were already more than 100 such restaurants, in 1962 the corporation acquired the legendary logo, and a year later, the famous clown Ronald was used for the first time in an advertising campaign to attract a children's audience.

According to official data (for 2021), the corporation does business in more than 100 countries, and more than 40,000 restaurants operate under a franchise around the world.


At the end of 2021:

In addition, McDonald's Corporation shares are now a component of several stock indices: S&P100, S&P500 and DJIA.

Investments and shares

The company acquired public status quite early - in 1965. In 2004, it began to actively buy back securities. By 2019, it owned approximately 54% of all issued shares. Most of the rest were owned by large institutional investors. The largest of them:

The company's shares are also available for purchase by private investors on the NYSE under the ticker MCD.

How to buy McDonald's shares as an individual?

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