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Morgan Stanley is a financial holding company. The Company's segments include Institutional Securities, Wealth Management and Investment Management. The Company's Institutional Securities business segment provides investment banking, sales and trading, and other services to corporations, governments, financial institutions and high-to-ultra high net worth clients. The Company's Wealth Management business segment provides an array of financial services and solutions to individual investors and small-to-medium sized businesses and institutions covering brokerage and investment advisory services, market-making activities in fixed income securities, financial and wealth planning services, annuity and insurance products, credit and other lending products, banking and retirement plan services. The Company's Investment Management business segment provides a range of investment strategies and products.

Morgan Stanley is a subsidiary of J.P. Morgan & Co (now the largest US bank). It was formed in 1935 to comply with the enacted law, according to which commercial banks could no longer engage in investments. Since the newly formed company had many years of experience behind it, it began to develop rapidly. In 1938, it became the leading underwriter for the U.S. Steel, and a little later took part in the placement of World Bank bonds and debt obligations of America's leading companies from various industries: GM and AT & T and IBM shares.

In September 2008, again due to changes in legislation, the investment bank announced a new transformation – it again became a traditional commercial banking structure, but at the same time retained both the name and the main activity. Now there are three of them:

At the moment, Morgan Stanley operates not only in the United States, but almost all over the world. To do this, it organized a distributed network of 50 subsidiaries providing banking and investment services.

According to 2021 reports:

Both indicators became a record for the company. It is also ranked 61st on the Fortune 500 list of the largest US companies, maintaining its 2020 position.

Morgan Stanley Shares

The bank's shares were listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), one of the largest stock exchanges in the United States, under the ticker MS in 1986. About 85% of the company's shares are owned by large institutional investors, among which the leaders in terms of share are:

Morgan Stanley pays quarterly dividends, in 2021 the amount of the payment doubled to $0.7 per share.

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