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Nexus AG is a Germany-based developer of software for the health care sector. Among others, the Company provides Nexus/HIS, an information system that supports the administrative and medical/nursing areas in hospitals; Nexus/Obstetrics, a documentation software for pregnancies; Nexus/Pathology, which controls the processes in pathology from material entry to billing; Nexus/Psychiatry, a solution for psychiatric institutions from treating patients to key figure management for institution management; CWD - Clinic WindData (E&L), a diagnostics software for the areas of endoscopy, cardiology, sonography and ophthalmology; Nexus/Home, an information system that features finance, resident and treatment management, as well as staff deployment, and Nexus/Curator, a Web-based knowledge database for quality management with document management in health care. The Company operates through subsidiaries in Austria, France, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Poland, among others.