Forex and CFD standard

Trading account with a licensed European broker Just2Trade
Online Ltd. An ideal solution for neophyte traders

Forex and CFD Standard Account for Beginners

As an experienced international broker, Just2Trade does its best to make our accounts convenient and beneficial for absolutely all traders. And since the requirements for experienced market players and those who start making their first deals are different, we offer several types of accounts that have different features and terms of use.

Especially for novice traders, we offer a basic Forex and CFD Standard account with simple conditions, but impressive features.

Main Benefits

Two Trading Options – More Freedom for Profit

Using this account, you can trade not only standard Forex instruments, but also CFDs on stocks and indices.

CFD trading is the trading of contracts for the difference in value of an asset. Accordingly, the greater the dynamics of changes in the price of the selected asset, the more benefits can be obtained from one contract.

At the same time, trading CFDs when opening this type of account is not necessary. If you wish, you can restrict yourself to standard Forex transactions or first get the necessary skills on a demo account available to every Just2Trade client.