Investment strategies

New opportunities to make profit in the Forex market, one of the most profitable global markets

How it works

Using an investor account, investors have opportunity to make profit
without trading on their own, and managers can generate more revenue
for the management of investment funds.

Investor picks up a strategy, subscribes to it and makes profit
Funds of manager and investors shared in proportions

Manager continues to trade on the account, using his own funds and investors' funds. The more successful the manager's activities are, the higher his account is rated.

Manager's profit, including fee
Investor's profit, excluding manager's fee

Top 5 strategies

We recommend 5 best strategies
which will help make choice

[ Yield ]
Strategy Yield schedule Total Per month Number of subscribers Maximum drawdown Funds Age, days Fee Maximum leverage
Speculative trading
2,43% 0,87% 5 5,36% 1.133.857 USD 41 12,5% 1:50 Invest
Classical Trade

В рамках стратегии совершаются среднесрочные сделки на американском рынке ценных бумаг

Главные задачи наших трейдеров и финансовых управляющих - сохранение капитала и поддержание стабильности торговых результатов

-39,30% -29,21% 20 39,30% 106.524 USD 265 50% 1:50 Invest
-14,96% -57,74% 3 -2,22% 79.189 USD 321 50,0% 1:500 Invest
Stability Global USD
41,39% 22,70% 10 14,61% 73.413 USD 112 1% 1:50 Invest
22,78% 3,36% 6 -3,33% 73.197 USD 357 50,0% 1:200 Invest
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