Financial Terms

Income calendar

Schedule and schedule for the quarter, indicating the release of financial statements that reflect the performance of publicly traded companies. Issued at the end of the fiscal year. The main informat

Income statement

A summary of the company's activities for a specific period of time, where all expenses are deducted from income. Allows you to clearly define your profit or loss.


The rate of price change over time. It is calculated for a specific category of goods / services or for the whole country. Usually indicated as a percentage for the year compared to the previous year.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

An analogue of the initial public offering of shares in the world of cryptocurrency - the release of publicly traded assets on the market, but without government regulation. The main rules according t

Initial public offering (IPO)

Entry of the company to the market by issuing public shares. The funds raised at this stage can be used by the company for debt repayment or investment activities. The listing is made through an under

Interest rate

This is the amount paid by the borrower for using the lender's capital. Usually indicated for the year and depends on the base amount of the loan. The interest rate depends on a series of factors: the

Interest rate swaps

It is an agreement between parties, such as a bank and a company, to exchange obligations at an interest rate at a specific point in time. For example, if one party wants to get a fixed rate instead o


Covering part of the asset's value by a lender, such as a broker. In this case, the asset itself plays the role of collateral for the loan, and the lender receives interest for a specified period. For


Reflects the ability to quickly convert one asset to another (including cash) at fair market value. Accordingly, highly liquid assets, such as certain types of currencies, are easy to exchange, while

Long position (bullish play)

The standard operating principle is when a trader expects a further rise in the price of an asset and seeks to buy it as cheaply as possible in order to sell it at the moment when the price is close t